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Hello Trick or Treat Writer/Artist!

First of all: I'm not hard to please. I'm sure I'll be delighted with whatever you write or draw, so please don't stress over it.

General things I love:

★ relationships built on strong/intense friendship
★ strong/intense friendship in general
★ missing scenes from canon and/or reactions to canon scenes
★ all kinds of moods, from quiet to bittersweet to angsty to funny to intense to fluffy
★ slice-of-life and/or character studies
★ simple everyday non-schmoop romance
★ hurt/comfort - especially emotional wounds or injuries sustained by athletes or in combat
★ stoic characters cracking around the edges
★ casual touching and physical affection (between friends and/or romantic partners)
★ non-penetrative sex (don't feel like you have to include smut, though)
★ banter and/or banter during sex
★ autumn and/or winter themes and/or storms
★ canon compliance is great but not required
★ gen- and ship-based works are equally awesome (gen about any of my favourite characters would be lovely; I've listed pairings below, too, in case you want to go that route with either romantic/sexual or platonic relationships)

★ for Silm/LotR I also like fourth-age settings and/or reunions
★ for YOI I also like skaters on the ice together (practicing, performing, or just goofing around)
★ for SSSS I also like atmospheric creepiness and/or the aftermath of combat

★ I'm not great at prompting for art but I do love b&w or limited/muted colour palettes

★ some much-loved pairings are
      ★ Glorfindel/Erestor/Haldir in any combination, Finrod/Maglor, Aegnor/Andreth, Aredhel/Elenwë, Arwen/Tauriel
      ★ Otabek/JJ/Leo in any combination, Otabek/Yuri, Christophe/Victor, Leo/Guang-Hong/Phichit in any combination
      ★ Reynir/Onni, Emil/Lalli, Tuuri/OFC, Aksel/Sigrun


★ character bashing (breaking up a canon couple for a different ship is fine, but please don't bash and/or vilify the leftover character in the process)
★ homophobia
★ non-con, dub-con, infidelity (open relationships are fine), D/s, BDSM, kinks involving bodily fluids, humiliation, A/B/O, mpreg
★ non-canon character death (canon or OCs is fine), animal harm
★ marriage proposals and/or ceremonies
★ high school/coffeeshop/etc. AU, non-canon genders or pronouns

And that's it. I hope something sparks for you.
Aug. 9th, 2017 09:29 pm


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Just dropping in with a couple of cat photos - Autumn perfecting her 'bored princess' look while Parker is delightfully high on catnip.

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✿ To the surprise of exactly nobody, now that I'm out of that house and into my new home I don't want anything to do with the old place. I don't want to see it, I don't want to think about it, and I certainly don't want to go there. Unfortunately, I still have a) several important pieces of furniture and possessions that need to be moved and b) a ton of cleaning to do. Urgh.

✿ The packing then unpacking of all of my books prompted me to start reading the Harry Potter books for the first time since the final book was released – ten years ago. I enjoyed getting re-acquainted with a universe I haven't played in for ages, but while I was reading the first two books I did find myself wondering how I'd fallen into fandom so hard before... then I got to the third book, and I started to remember. ❤ Once I've finished reading the books I'll have to marathon the films.

✿ I'm not spending much time online at the moment. Part of it is the move and unpacking, but the other part is just... I'm remembering what it feels like to exist without feeling watched, without feeling censored. I'm not feeling the need, right now, to be tethered to the computer 24/7 to escape. Once I'm all settled in I'll be around more often, I'm sure, but right now, other things have priority.

✿ Speaking of settling in: the cats are starting to. Parker has picked his favourite cupboard (sigh), Tiko's picked his favourite chair, and the rest are starting to lounge around and play with each other rather than hiding. They're also all being super-affectionate... I mean, even more than usual. I'm basically under a carpet of cats at all times.
Jul. 18th, 2017 01:00 am


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My YOI Ship* Bingo card. There are ships I love and have written, there are ships I love and haven’t written, and there are ships that will be a challenge. Nice mix. :D

* Both platonic and romantic relationships count for this - eee.

Yuuri K/Minami Phichit/Leo Otabek/Yuri P Yuuri K/Victor Michele/Emil
Chris/Yuuri K Yuuri K/Yuri P Phichit/Yuuri K Mila/Victor Otabek/Victor
SLASH Hiroko/Toshiya YOUR CHOICE Mila/Sara/Isabella Victor/Chris
Victor/Yuri P Otabek/JJ/Leo Otabek/JJ JJ/Isabella Anya/Mila
Leo/Guang-Hong Minami/Yuri P Emil/Sara Seung Gil/JJ Leo/JJ
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✿ I signed a lease on a new apartment two days ago! I don't move until the first of August but I have the keys, already - there's nobody in the place currently so the landlord said I could start moving boxes in anytime. The apartment is super-close to work so I can take a box or two in my car each morning and do a drop-off on my way home.

✿ Leaving the house I'm in is going to be such a positive thing, for me - I've been so unhappy here. Too many memories, and most of them negative. The cats will love the new place, too; there are big windows with wide sills for them to sit on.

✿ Two fic exchange deadlines are creeping up on me - Not Prime Time is in just over two weeks and Rare Ships!!! on Ice is in a month. And, uh, both my fics are drafted. I'm surprised. Usually at this point I'd still be struggling to flesh out ideas into things worth writing. I don't promise that either of the drafted fics are going to be brilliant, and they do need a pile of editing, but at least they exist?
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✿ It's weird that I'm somehow at my most productive, writing-wise, than I have been in more than a decade, and yet... I'm also somehow at my least creative. I've been relying 99% on prompts/challenges, and having a hard time coming up with/believing in ideas on my own. I wonder if I'm not just sort of hiding behind prompts, though, hiding behind something I can 'blame' for what I write. IDK. (Even if half the time I stare at prompts nothing happens anyway.)

✿ There are four cedar waxwings sitting on a branch directly outside my bedroom window and the cats are having absolute fits.

✿ I meant to do something useful yesterday but I ended up nesting in a pile of blankets and watching Y!OI and Voltron. Oops.
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Hello NPT Writer!

First off: I'm not at all difficult to please. I'll likely be delighted with whatever you write, so please don't stress over it.

General things I love:
❖ strong/intense friendship
❖ missing canon scenes and/or reactions to canon scenes
❖ all kinds of moods, from quiet to bittersweet to angsty to funny to intense to fluffy
❖ slice-of-life and/or character studies
❖ simple everyday non-schmoop romance
❖ hurt/comfort - especially emotional wounds or injuries sustained by athletes or in combat
❖ stoic characters cracking around the edges
❖ casual touching and physical affection (between friends and/or romantic partners)
❖ non-penetrative sex (don't feel like you have to include smut, though)
❖ banter and/or banter during sex
❖ autumn and/or winter themes
❖ storms
❖ found families
❖ canon compliance is great but not necessarily required
❖ both gen- and ship-based stories are equally wonderful

❖ character bashing
❖ incest (Silm cousincest is fine, though)
❖ non-con, dub-con, or infidelity (open relationships are fine)
❖ A/B/O and/or mpreg
❖ non-canon character death
❖ D/s, BDSM, kinks involving bodily fluids
❖ marriage proposals and/or ceremonies
❖ animal harm
❖ mundane AU or AUs involving vampires or zombies
❖ religious themes
❖ over-the-top emo declarations of love

I've listed prompts below in case you'd like a starting point, but please don't feel like you have to use them, or that these are the only stories I'd enjoy. If you have different ideas, feel free to go with them!

On to the prompts... )
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✿ Endorphins are beautiful things. I'm floating on a cloud this evening because of a very challenging ballet class followed by a long stretching session. And I love that my instructor knows by now that, during passive stretching, I don't want to go just to my comfort point - I want to be stretched until it hurts. Not until I injure myself, but right to the limit of my tolerance. I feel like a noodle right now and I love it.

✿ For those of you who are into Yuri!!! on Ice, [community profile] rareshipsonice is taking nominations soon. The minimum is low (just 500 words) and there's an absolute ton of pairings that are eligible. It'll be nice to get some good content for some of the ships that don't get as much love in fandom.

✿ My fic exchange plans for the spring/summer are the exchange I just mentioned, plus [community profile] not_primetime. NPT has all three of the fandoms - Yuri!!! on Ice, Stand Still Stay Silent, and Silmarillion - that I'm most into right now, so I'm excited about that.
Apr. 14th, 2017 12:05 am

NaNo, etc.

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✿ Dear self: You are a thousand words ahead on NaNo. Taking a night off because you were exhausted from work is fine. Two nights off would also be fine. Hell, at this point, you could take every day off from now until the 22nd of April and still be set to finish on time.

✿ Dear self, #2: You're allowed to write your own ideas. Prompts and generators are both fabulous things, but you don't have to use them 100% of the time. You don't have to dismiss all of your own ideas as terrible and/or not worth writing.

✿ Dear self, #3: Maybe the reason you feel that you write the same thing all the time is because you kinda do - but it's because you won't let yourself take chances and risk screwing up. Get out of your safe zone, ffs.
Apr. 11th, 2017 09:21 pm


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✿ NaNo is going swimmingly. We're about 1/3 of the way through the month and I'm more than 2/3s of the way to my goal. I haven't decided if I'll raise the goal if this keeps up or just take pride in smashing it to smithereens.

✿ Synchronised Screaming continues to be the highlight of my week. I'm awful at completing flashfic on time - what usually happens is that I jot down the idea for something then set it aside for a week or so before I get back to writing it, oi - but the chat is wonderful and it's so nice to be able to get together with people I like.

✿ Work return is... uh. Not going well. I made it through ten minutes of yesterday's shift; 30 minutes of the one before that. I'm trying so hard, but my subconscious and my body seem to be doing their best to screw with me. I move in two months, though; this has to sort itself out before then.
Mar. 10th, 2017 01:53 pm


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SynS continues to be a ridiculous amount of fun. I managed to write a couple of snippets last time, and that makes me feel better about my planned participation in Camp NaNo this April. I've set an ultra-low (by everyone else's standards) goal for Camp, but it's much more than I usually write in a month so it should still be a challenge for me.

I feel... uncreative, lately. I want to write nearly constantly, but I don't find myself with a lot of ideas to work with. I'm not sure why. Even my prompt generators aren't pinging a whole lot, tbh - I love the prompts that come out of them but often revert to "..." when it comes time to turn them into workable ideas. I should try some free-writing to prompts and see where that gets me.
Mar. 3rd, 2017 02:46 pm


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Is it Saturday yet? I'm really looking forward to Synchronised Screaming.

Difficult week for writing. The inner critic has been loud, loud, loud. It's been such a rollercoaster, lately - I'm going wildly back and forth between whee-I-finished-a-thing-I-finished-a-thiiing to it-sucks-and-I-suck-and-I-should-delete-it-before-it-embarasses-me-further. Sigh.

Have been skating all week - eee! I found a public skate (at the rink the next town over) that has reasonable rules (unlike the one in town) and there are usually only a few skaters on the ice, giving me some room to move.
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I set up a second AO3 account for my NSFW fic because... because I did. For reasons. There's only one thing posted to it right now (Ego Boost, Leo/JJ because help, I've fallen headfirst into Yuri!!! On Ice), but I signed up for Smut Swap, so.

Synchronised Screaming's first weekly flashfic challenge/chat is tomorrow, and I'm excited. Prompts have been submitted and are ready to roll. I'm hoping for a decent turnout. I hope I can get this thing off the ground.

The brain-weasels have not been kind to me these past few days. For once I actually know why it's happening, so I guess, IDK, it's a little easier to manage than usual? Could just be that I'm finally starting to feel better on the whole, though, and that makes setbacks less all-consuming.
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– I do still exist. I promise! I need to be here more. I spend much more time on Tumblr, these days, which is surprising even to me.

– Still off work. My return date is creeping ever-closer, though – I have less the a month to go. Two weeks until my next doctor's appointment, when we'll sign off on the papers I need to go back. I just hope my mind and body are both ready for it, because I know the consequences of starting before I can handle it. I have very few options left if I can't.

– Lir has learned to flush the toilet and keeps doing it at every opportunity. Sigh. He keeps waking me up in a panic at night because I think someone's in the house.

– Speaking of the house, I'm finally moving out of it. When my parents told me to get out so they could sell in the spring, my first reaction was panic. Work's been so on-and-off that living here rent-free (paying all the utilities and taxes, of course) has saved my butt more than once. But it's time to move on, and regardless of the resulting financial strain I think it's going to be a positive thing for me. There are so many memories, in this house, and most of them aren't good; plus, since I moved here my parents have been blaming me for all the things they neglected (and 'neglect' firmly sums up their treatment of this house even while they lived here) to fix before they moved out. Having my own place again will be a relief, if nothing else. Maybe I can find some peace, again.

– I'm wearing pajamas with a raccoon hood, complete with stick-up ears and a tail on the back. Living alone means nobody can tell me to act my age. Pfft.

– I've been angsting over writing even more than usual, lately. It seems the only way I can avoid my inner critic shaming me into not being able to get words on a page, right now, is to make myself tired enough for her to quiet down. It's a particular sort of timing – it's when I've stayed up past the time I'd usually go to bed, when I've gone through the gah-so-tired-must-sleep phase and into my second wind, and then I manage to write – slowly, but that's my usual speed – until I can't prop my eyes open any longer. Last night I didn't even start writing until 2am. Blargh. It's just absolutely ridiculous that I should have this many issues tied up in fic-writing, ffs.
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Hello, lovely writer!

First of all, please don't stress too much over writing or making art for me! I'm not difficult to please, and I'll likely be delighted with whatever you come up with. I've listed prompts below, for characters and/or relationships, but don't feel like you absolutely must use them. If you have different ideas, go with them!

❖ ❖ ❖

General things I love in the SSSS universe: Strong/intense friendship, missing scenes, reactions to (or fallout from) canon events, slice-of-life, quiet and/or fluffy moments, bittersweet moments, angst or hurt/comfort, all kinds of relationship dynamics (be they familial, friendship, romantic, or anything else), casual touching and physical affection/comfort (including between friends as well as romantic partners), banter, competence, characters who fail but keep trying, found families, storms, autumn or winter themes, the aftermath of troll/ghost encounters. Canon compliance is great but so is AU (especially fork-in-the-road AU).

Things I'm not fond of: character bashing in any form, infidelity, non-con or dub-con, A/B/O, kinks involving bodily fluids, gore/violence beyond canon levels, incest, marriage proposals/ceremonies, pregnancy, animal harm, high school/college/etc. AU, vampires or zombies, Christmas-themed stories (Yule or other cultural/spiritual celebrations are fine), non-canon permanent character death (presumed dead is a-ok).

And now, for prompts! )
Sep. 18th, 2016 08:04 pm


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Aieeeee. In the SinS 2016 collection on AO3 there is this absolutely gorgeous story - Aftermath (Elemmírë/Findis, post-Darkening) – written for me by The_Wavesinger. I am delighted; it's beautiful.

Mine is here: Full Circle (Erestor/Haldir in East Lórien sometime in the Fourth Age). It wasn't what I'd hoped to create, but it turned out all right.
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Hello Trick or Treat person!

First off: I'm easy to please. I'll likely be delighted with whatever you write or draw, so please don't stress over it!

General things I love: Strong/intense friendship, character study, slice-of-life, missing canon moments and/or the fallout from canon moments, relationship dynamics (between family or friends or romantic partners), bittersweet moments, angst or hurt/comfort (especially emotional wounds or injuries sustained in combat), stoic characters cracking around the edges, simple everyday non-schmoop romance, casual touching and physical affection, banter, banter during sex, autumn and winter, storms. For the 'trick' side of this exchange I'd also be pleased with atmospheric creepiness or the aftermath of combat.

Canon compliance is great but I'm fine with AU (especially fork-in-the-road AU). I like smut but it's not a requirement. I love both gen- and ship-based things. Gen for any of my requested characters would be great; for shippy things I like Finrod/Maglor, Fingon/Maedhros, Erestor/Gildor, Reynir/Lalli, Emil/Lalli, or Reynir/Onni. Aredhel or Arwen paired up with another female elf would also be lovely.

Things I'm really not fond of: Parent/Child or sibling incest (Silmarillion cousincest is fine), character bashing, infidelity, non-con, mpreg, A/B/O, non-canon character death, kinks involving bodily fluids, gore/violence beyond the level presented in canon, marriage proposals/ceremonies, animal harm, high school/college/etc. AUs, crossovers, vampires or zombies, religious themes, over-the-top emo declarations of loooove.
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I also fail at not overscheduling myself. It's recital/competition season, so when I haven't been at the day job I've been mostly either dancing or photographing dance. It caught up with me today, though, and I spent most of my time zoned out on the sofa, watching movies.

The cats were delighted with it, at any rate, but I meant to do a huge chunk of photo editing, plus more than cursory walk-throughs of my routines for tomorrow (my studio's end-of-season recital is tomorrow, and I'm photographing all the numbers I don't dance in), plus stuff around the house that I haven't been able to get done in the past weeks, and alskdjfklajsdlf.
Aug. 30th, 2015 04:24 pm


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I'm at that point where I'm almost afraid to read my AinA fic over one last time before the archive opens, in case despite the editing/beta-ing/etc. I missed something really damned obvious or... IDK. Something.


But it's done. It's too short (just over the word limit) – damn my non-wordiness – but it's done, and it's the first fic I've posted since AinA 2014.

I miss Middle-earth. Wow, do I miss it. I've been so caught up with the shelter and photography that I've not made time for it in my brain. And I regret that.
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You Are a Creative

Like everyone else, you have a to-do list... but you don't always prioritize getting around to it.
You are productive as your spirit moves you to be. Sometimes this means crossing off a lot of items on your list, but other times it means doing something else entirely.

You do best when inspiration strikes, and it's hard to predict when that will be. You thrive with flexibility.
Interruptions tend to distract you, but sometimes they are a welcome distraction. You do best when you focus on short term goals.


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