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Oct. 16th, 2016

idleleaves: (leaf and fire)
Hello, lovely writer!

First of all, please don't stress too much over writing or making art for me! I'm not difficult to please, and I'll likely be delighted with whatever you come up with. I've listed prompts below, for characters and/or relationships, but don't feel like you absolutely must use them. If you have different ideas, go with them!

❖ ❖ ❖

General things I love in the SSSS universe: Strong/intense friendship, missing scenes, reactions to (or fallout from) canon events, slice-of-life, quiet and/or fluffy moments, bittersweet moments, angst or hurt/comfort, all kinds of relationship dynamics (be they familial, friendship, romantic, or anything else), casual touching and physical affection/comfort (including between friends as well as romantic partners), banter, competence, characters who fail but keep trying, found families, storms, autumn or winter themes, the aftermath of troll/ghost encounters. Canon compliance is great but so is AU (especially fork-in-the-road AU).

Things I'm not fond of: character bashing in any form, infidelity, non-con or dub-con, A/B/O, kinks involving bodily fluids, gore/violence beyond canon levels, incest, marriage proposals/ceremonies, pregnancy, animal harm, high school/college/etc. AU, vampires or zombies, Christmas-themed stories (Yule or other cultural/spiritual celebrations are fine), non-canon permanent character death (presumed dead is a-ok).

And now, for prompts! )


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