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May. 3rd, 2017

idleleaves: (fandom - yoi - victor)
✿ It's weird that I'm somehow at my most productive, writing-wise, than I have been in more than a decade, and yet... I'm also somehow at my least creative. I've been relying 99% on prompts/challenges, and having a hard time coming up with/believing in ideas on my own. I wonder if I'm not just sort of hiding behind prompts, though, hiding behind something I can 'blame' for what I write. IDK. (Even if half the time I stare at prompts nothing happens anyway.)

✿ There are four cedar waxwings sitting on a branch directly outside my bedroom window and the cats are having absolute fits.

✿ I meant to do something useful yesterday but I ended up nesting in a pile of blankets and watching Y!OI and Voltron. Oops.


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