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Jun. 17th, 2017

idleleaves: (fandom - arda - like gold)
✿ I signed a lease on a new apartment two days ago! I don't move until the first of August but I have the keys, already - there's nobody in the place currently so the landlord said I could start moving boxes in anytime. The apartment is super-close to work so I can take a box or two in my car each morning and do a drop-off on my way home.

✿ Leaving the house I'm in is going to be such a positive thing, for me - I've been so unhappy here. Too many memories, and most of them negative. The cats will love the new place, too; there are big windows with wide sills for them to sit on.

✿ Two fic exchange deadlines are creeping up on me - Not Prime Time is in just over two weeks and Rare Ships!!! on Ice is in a month. And, uh, both my fics are drafted. I'm surprised. Usually at this point I'd still be struggling to flesh out ideas into things worth writing. I don't promise that either of the drafted fics are going to be brilliant, and they do need a pile of editing, but at least they exist?


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