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Hello Trick or Treat person!

First off: I'm easy to please. I'll likely be delighted with whatever you write or draw, so please don't stress over it!

General things I love: Strong/intense friendship, character study, slice-of-life, missing canon moments and/or the fallout from canon moments, relationship dynamics (between family or friends or romantic partners), bittersweet moments, angst or hurt/comfort (especially emotional wounds or injuries sustained in combat), stoic characters cracking around the edges, simple everyday non-schmoop romance, casual touching and physical affection, banter, banter during sex, autumn and winter, storms. For the 'trick' side of this exchange I'd also be pleased with atmospheric creepiness or the aftermath of combat.

Canon compliance is great but I'm fine with AU (especially fork-in-the-road AU). I like smut but it's not a requirement. I love both gen- and ship-based things. Gen for any of my requested characters would be great; for shippy things I like Finrod/Maglor, Fingon/Maedhros, Erestor/Gildor, Reynir/Lalli, Emil/Lalli, or Reynir/Onni. Aredhel or Arwen paired up with another female elf would also be lovely.

Things I'm really not fond of: Parent/Child or sibling incest (Silmarillion cousincest is fine), character bashing, infidelity, non-con, mpreg, A/B/O, non-canon character death, kinks involving bodily fluids, gore/violence beyond the level presented in canon, marriage proposals/ceremonies, animal harm, high school/college/etc. AUs, crossovers, vampires or zombies, religious themes, over-the-top emo declarations of loooove.
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