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Hello, lovely writer!

First of all, please don't stress too much over writing or making art for me! I'm not difficult to please, and I'll likely be delighted with whatever you come up with. I've listed prompts below, for characters and/or relationships, but don't feel like you absolutely must use them. If you have different ideas, go with them!

❖ ❖ ❖

General things I love in the SSSS universe: Strong/intense friendship, missing scenes, reactions to (or fallout from) canon events, slice-of-life, quiet and/or fluffy moments, bittersweet moments, angst or hurt/comfort, all kinds of relationship dynamics (be they familial, friendship, romantic, or anything else), casual touching and physical affection/comfort (including between friends as well as romantic partners), banter, competence, characters who fail but keep trying, found families, storms, autumn or winter themes, the aftermath of troll/ghost encounters. Canon compliance is great but so is AU (especially fork-in-the-road AU).

Things I'm not fond of: character bashing in any form, infidelity, non-con or dub-con, A/B/O, kinks involving bodily fluids, gore/violence beyond canon levels, incest, marriage proposals/ceremonies, pregnancy, animal harm, high school/college/etc. AU, vampires or zombies, Christmas-themed stories (Yule or other cultural/spiritual celebrations are fine), non-canon permanent character death (presumed dead is a-ok).

And now for prompts!

Characters, etc.:

Tuuri Hotakainen OR Reynir Árnason - Much as I love them with all their fumbles and flaws, it'd be great to see one (or both) of them being competent (or even awesome) at something of your choosing. During the mission (Tuuri's mechanical skills? Reynir's magic? Something else altogether?) would be fab, but post-mission would be neat as well.

Emil Västerström & Kitty OR Reynir Árnason & Kitty - I'm giving you carte blanche on this one - anything that involves Emil or Reynir (or both) interacting with Kitty.

Platonic Relationships

Ensi Hotakainen & Lalli Hotakainen - The physical similarities between Lalli and his grandmother makes me wonder if there are personality-based similarities as well. How are they alike and/or different? What was their relationship like? Why does Lalli still carry her broken rifle? Anything along those lines would be great.

Lalli Hotakainen & Onni Hotakainen & Tuuri Hotakainen - Hotakainens ftw. I don't have any super-original prompts when it comes to this family – I'd be interested in something shortly after their departure from Saimaa, something about Onni attempting to keep things (and them, and himself) together through transition and/or trauma, successfully or not.

Lalli Hotakainen & Onni Hotakainen OR Onni Hotakainen & Tuuri Hotakainen - It hasn't always been easy for them, but I like to think it hasn't been unrelentingly awful, either. What would be nice, here, is something about the quiet and/or sweet moments between Onni and Lalli, or Onni and Tuuri, anytime before the mission.

Lalli Hotakainen & Emil Västerström - All the language barriers! How would things work out if Emil and Lalli tried to have a serious conversation (probably about something non-mission-related) with Lalli's limited Swedish, Emil's basically-non-existent Finnish, and nobody there to translate? How would they get their points across without enough words to help them?

Reynir Árnason & Lalli Hotakainen - At this point in the comic Lalli doesn't have the highest opinion of Reynir – I'm curious about what might happen to change his mind and spark a friendship. Dreamworld shenanigans would be great, but something in the waking world would be neat also.

Reynir Árnason & Tuuri Hotakainen - Suppose the rest of the crew is gone longer than anticipated on a mission - how do they pass the time, at what point do they start to worry, and what do they do next? Or, something showing them as competent and valuable members of the cat-tank team.

Sigrun Eide & Tuuri Hotakainen - My competent!Tuuri love continues to show. What might Tuuri do that impresses Sigrun? Bonus points if it's something that's outside the realm of Tuuri's usual role, or even just some unspeakably awesome mechanical wrangling.

Romantic Relationships

Aksel Eide/Sigrun Larsen - These two. How do they get together and/or stay together when the world is ending all around them? Or something about how long they've known each other – was there always a bit of a spark, or was it something that developed later?

Reynir Árnason/Onni Hotakainen - I love these two and the contrasts between them. Some kind of dreamworld hurt/comfort would be a wonderful, wonderful thing – in Reynir's Haven, or Onni's, or somewhere else altogether. Or something post-mission – how do they sort out, in the waking world, a relationship that started while they were both asleep?

Reynir Árnason/Lalli Hotakainen - I'd love to see more of these two in the dreamworld. Lalli in Reynir's haven (by whatever means), or the two of them somewhere else in the dreamworld – though something in Lalli's haven would be good, too. Or maybe post-mission with a great physical distance between them – can Reynir still reach him?

I have no ratings preference for shippy things – anything from G to R (or "Mature" as AO3 puts it) is fine with me! If you do want to go down the smut road and are looking for NSFW prompts, for the pairings above I'm basically vanilla. I gravitate toward a focus on emotion/sensation rather than just Tab-A-in-Slot-B explicit porn. I like UST (especially when it is eventually resolved), oral sex, frottage, licking, slow burns, eye contact, enthusiasm, imperfect sex, outdoor and/or dreamworld sex, one partner having more experience than the other, partners undressing each other, and I'm equally a fan of both first-time scenarios and established partners.


Post-Expedition - Does the expedition turn up anything that changes the lives of those still living in the settlements of the Known World? What happens to the crew? Is there a second expedition, or do they go their separate ways (with or without exceptions)?

Tolkien Crossover - The prompt of my heart here is Maglor in the Silent World (ideally meeting/interacting with any – or all – of the cat-tank team), but that might not be up everyone's alley. What about another Elf or Elves (I can suggest some favourites if necessary) in the SSSS world - maybe in the Finnish forests, crossing paths with mages/scouts? Did said Elf or Elves never sail and remained through the ages or have they returned from Valinor for some reason?

❖ ❖ ❖
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