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I set up a second AO3 account for my NSFW fic because... because I did. For reasons. There's only one thing posted to it right now (Ego Boost, Leo/JJ because help, I've fallen headfirst into Yuri!!! On Ice), but I signed up for Smut Swap, so.

Synchronised Screaming's first weekly flashfic challenge/chat is tomorrow, and I'm excited. Prompts have been submitted and are ready to roll. I'm hoping for a decent turnout. I hope I can get this thing off the ground.

The brain-weasels have not been kind to me these past few days. For once I actually know why it's happening, so I guess, IDK, it's a little easier to manage than usual? Could just be that I'm finally starting to feel better on the whole, though, and that makes setbacks less all-consuming.
Date: 2017-02-25 05:25 am (UTC)

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I might pop into the chat for a bit tomorrow, if I can find time. <3 Who knows~

Good luck with the brain weasels. Knowing the reasons for it = easier to deal with it makes sense.


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