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Mar. 10th, 2017 01:53 pm


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SynS continues to be a ridiculous amount of fun. I managed to write a couple of snippets last time, and that makes me feel better about my planned participation in Camp NaNo this April. I've set an ultra-low (by everyone else's standards) goal for Camp, but it's much more than I usually write in a month so it should still be a challenge for me.

I feel... uncreative, lately. I want to write nearly constantly, but I don't find myself with a lot of ideas to work with. I'm not sure why. Even my prompt generators aren't pinging a whole lot, tbh - I love the prompts that come out of them but often revert to "..." when it comes time to turn them into workable ideas. I should try some free-writing to prompts and see where that gets me.
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