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✿ Endorphins are beautiful things. I'm floating on a cloud this evening because of a very challenging ballet class followed by a long stretching session. And I love that my instructor knows by now that, during passive stretching, I don't want to go just to my comfort point - I want to be stretched until it hurts. Not until I injure myself, but right to the limit of my tolerance. I feel like a noodle right now and I love it.

✿ For those of you who are into Yuri!!! on Ice, [community profile] rareshipsonice is taking nominations soon. The minimum is low (just 500 words) and there's an absolute ton of pairings that are eligible. It'll be nice to get some good content for some of the ships that don't get as much love in fandom.

✿ My fic exchange plans for the spring/summer are the exchange I just mentioned, plus [community profile] not_primetime. NPT has all three of the fandoms - Yuri!!! on Ice, Stand Still Stay Silent, and Silmarillion - that I'm most into right now, so I'm excited about that.
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