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Hello NPT Writer!

First off: I'm not at all difficult to please. I'll likely be delighted with whatever you write, so please don't stress over it.

General things I love:
❖ strong/intense friendship
❖ missing canon scenes and/or reactions to canon scenes
❖ all kinds of moods, from quiet to bittersweet to angsty to funny to intense to fluffy
❖ slice-of-life and/or character studies
❖ simple everyday non-schmoop romance
❖ hurt/comfort - especially emotional wounds or injuries sustained by athletes or in combat
❖ stoic characters cracking around the edges
❖ casual touching and physical affection (between friends and/or romantic partners)
❖ non-penetrative sex (don't feel like you have to include smut, though)
❖ banter and/or banter during sex
❖ autumn and/or winter themes
❖ storms
❖ found families
❖ canon compliance is great but not necessarily required
❖ both gen- and ship-based stories are equally wonderful

❖ character bashing
❖ incest (Silm cousincest is fine, though)
❖ non-con, dub-con, or infidelity (open relationships are fine)
❖ A/B/O and/or mpreg
❖ non-canon character death
❖ D/s, BDSM, kinks involving bodily fluids
❖ marriage proposals and/or ceremonies
❖ animal harm
❖ mundane AU or AUs involving vampires or zombies
❖ religious themes
❖ over-the-top emo declarations of love

I've listed prompts below in case you'd like a starting point, but please don't feel like you have to use them, or that these are the only stories I'd enjoy. If you have different ideas, feel free to go with them!


❖ Ecthelion of the Fountain & Glorfindel - I'd love to see what would happen if they rekindled their friendship in Valinor, after Ecthelion is released from Mandos and Glorfindel finally sails. Gen or shippy, either would make me happy.

❖ Elemmírë/Findis - I headcanon Elemmírë as female so I'm looking for femslash, here. Maybe something taking place after the Darkening, when things are uncertain and nothing seems quite permanent? Or before, in happier times.

❖ Finrod/Maglor - I will seriously take these two any way I can get them. I'd love, though, to see something that takes place sometime after the Third Age, either when Maglor sails home at last or when Finrod sails out to Middle-earth to look for him.


❖ Ensi Hotakainen & Lalli Hotakainen - Their physical similarities make me want to know what else they have in common. I'd love to know how similar or different to each other they were. What was their relationship like? Why does Lalli still carry her rifle?

❖ Lalli Hotakainen & Emil Västerström - I'd love to see these two in some kind of hurt/comfort scenario - with bonus language barriers, of course. No preference on who's doing the comforting.

❖ Lalli Hotakainen & Onni Hotakainen & Tuuri Hotakainen - Maybe something shortly after their arrival in Keuruu, when Onni is trying to keep things (and them, and himself) together? Or a post-mission Hotakainen reunion.

❖ Reynir Árnason & or / Onni Hotakainen - I love the contrasts between these two, whether they're in a relationship or not. Dreamworld shenanigans would be fantastic, as would something post-canon when they meet for the first time.


❖ Christophe Giacometti/Victor Nikiforov - I like the idea that these two were friends-with-benefits pre-canon, and that they were able to stay friends regardless of what happened to make them stop sleeping together - were they able to keep it casual the whole time, or did it get messy with feelings?

❖ Leo de la Iglesia/Jean-Jacques Leroy - I like the idea of this being a string of hook-ups, with Leo going back and forth between wanting to smack JJ and wanting to bang him. I also like the idea of them having an actual relationship, with JJ setting aside some of his persona when they're out of the spotlight.

❖ Leo de la Iglesia/Ji Guang-Hong - Such an adorable, fluffy pairing. I'd love something along those lines - something quiet and content. Something edging toward bittersweet would also be welcome - perhaps about long-distance relationships and the work required to maintain them?

❖ Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky - I'd love to see something about them training together in one location or another. Or ways in which they manage their long-distance relationships. Or how they cope together when one of them suffers a career-ending injury.

And that's it! Hope that's enough to go on.
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