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Oct. 21st, 2017 09:16 pm

yes, an update

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I should post more, yes. I get sad that people I know are lurking but no longer post and then realised I do exactly the same thing these days. Not sure what it is - just out of the habit, probably. And went through a spell of not wanting to write ANYTHING, and that included blog posts. Still, I've caught myself telling people I miss them when all they're doing is what I've done for whatever their good reasons are. As we say here, I need to sit down and be quiet. And try and get back to a more regular posting schedule.
here's a small post )
For those with fond memories of a-ha's Take on Me, here is the ultimate, their unplugged version. Wistful and quite beautiful!

Finally, the Many Paths to Tread year end swap is open for sign ups till the end of October. I love this one, it's the only swap I've taken part in where you get to pick your own prompt instead of having it assigned (if you're quick enough with your claim, that is)

To quote the reminder post:
In case you missed the announcement, [profile] lotr_community are taking the requests for this year's Yule Fic Exchange!

Go to the 2017 Yule Fic Exchange Announcement to sign up and make your requests. This exchange is always a lot of fun, and has produced some great stories in the past.

Oct. 21st, 2017 03:32 pm

Rugby League 101

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As it is Rugby League World Cup time again, I felt it might be an idea to briefly cover the basics of the game for any new fans watching. The information is taken from here and here.

Somewhat worryingly, both of the rules pages start with the information that you're trying to score more points than the other team, but I'm going to assume that you can guess that.

The very basic rules of the game are that each team is given six chances to score. Each chance ends with a tackle (a tackle is a tackle when the referee calls "held"). If, after six tackles, the team have not scored, the ball is handed over to the other team who then get the chance to score with their six tackles.

There are 4 ways of scoring:

1 - A Try - A try is worth 4 points. It is similar to a touchdown in American football, except you actually have to touch the ball down with control and downward pressure. I've highlighted those last words because if you don't do them, the try will not be awarded to your team.

2 - A Conversion - A conversion is worth 2 points. They can be scored only after the team has scored a try. The kick is taken from a position perpendicular to the goal line where the try was scored. The ball must pass between the goalposts and over the crossbar. If the team scores a conversion after a try, it is referred to as a converted try.

3 - A Penalty Kick - Also worth 2 points. Often just referred to as a penalty, this is one of the two options a team captain can take when the referee awards his team a penalty. The other option is to receive another set of 6 tackles with which to try to score.

4 - A Drop Goal - worth 1 point. This is scored when the ball is kicked between the goalposts and over the cross bar in open play.

A match lasts 80 minutes, split up into 2 halves of 40 minutes. The time is kept by a separate time keeper who sounds a hooter to signal the end of each half. If you're really unlucky and playing at one of the French stadiums, it sounds like an air-raid siren.

Both teams will have 13 players on the pitch at any one time. As in ice hockey, there are rolling substitutions with no need for a stoppage in play. There is a limit on the number of these interchanges, with a maximum of 12 per team per game.

When passing the ball, it must go level or backwards. If the ball goes forwards, this is called a forward pass and the referee will award the other team a scrum and give them the ball. The team is said to have been "given head and feed at the scrum". A rugby league scrum is formed of 6 players from each team. The scrum half puts the ball into the scrum, and the hooker from his team hooks the ball backwards to gain possession of the ball for his team.

Scrums are also awarded for knock-ons. A knock-on is when the ball is dropped forwards by a player and hits the ground or another player.

A 40/20 kick is one where a player standing on or behind their 40-metre line gains ground by kicking the ball into their opponent's 20-metre area. As long as the ball has bounced inside the field of play before going out to touch (out of bounds) in the 20 metre area, the kicking team are awarded head and feed at the scrum. Therefore they will probably six more tackles to try to score. It is very rare that the team that gets the ball to put into the scrum don't have possession after the scrum.

If the ball goes out behind the posts after a 40/20 rather than going out in the 20 metre area, the non-kicking team are given 7 tackles to try to score a try.

Don't worry if you're not sure what's happened. The referees wear microphones and have a set of hand signals that they use to indicate what is going on. These have been handily summarised hereoFl3eY.png.

The offside rule does nothing but cause everyone headaches but basically, the defending team have to be 10 meters away from the attacking team when they play the ball after the tackle, and the person on the attacking team receiving the ball from the play the ball must be directly behind their team-mate.

Obstruction is when one of the attacking team runs across the line of a defender trying to tackle their team-mate.

Tackles are not allowed to be above shoulder height. Above that it is a high tackle.

For something like that, or other foul play that is deserving of more than a penalty to the opposition, a referee can give one of 3 punishments:

1 - A yellow card - the offender has to spend 10 minutes in the sin bin. Their team has to play the 10 minutes with 12 players.

2 - A red card - the offender is sent off and cannot play for the rest of the match. Their team has to play the rest of the match with 12 players.

3 - The player is put on report - while better for the team in the short run because the player gets to stay on the pitch and carry on playing, it means the disciplinary panel will look at the offence and decide what punishment is appropriate. This can be anything from nothing to a 4 match ban.

I think that covers the important things.

This year, the women's rugby league World Cup is taking place at the same time, so please show the ladies some love.


While I am obviously cheering for the Lionesses, please enjoy this photo of Sarina Fiso (NZ captain) and Ruan Sims (Australia captain).
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Huge image behind the cut )

Hamlet (2000) only has one link with the rest of the diagram, and that is Liev Schreiber. He's also the best thing in Wolverine: Origins.
Oct. 20th, 2017 10:32 pm

Irony as she is writ

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Or stabbed, given I am talking about fencing.

D, who is a different D to the usual, was complaining that several of the people at fencing hit too hard. Given that D is responsible for 75% of all the fencing bruises I have had since I got back to Birmingham, I find this hilarious. Obviously I don't say anything because D does not take well to criticism, constructive or otherwise.

It's even funnier when the person she complains about is the most technically correct fencer in the club. As in, literally, the guy the coaches tell me to watch to replicate his form. He's got perfect balance, and the only time he's ever hurt me is when, on lunging, he's hit a bruise that D has left. Okay, occasionally because of his height and my lack of the same, he flicks my mask wire straight off. Part of the problem is that what D thinks is due to strength is actually due to really good technique but she refuses to believe that because J is ... well he makes everything look easy. I have an unfair advantage because I know how hard J's Dad makes and has made him train, and as long as I have known him, which is not far off 7 years. But it's like, no, D, listen to what other people see when J fences. Learn. Become better.
Oct. 19th, 2017 06:28 pm

Fic Writing

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Dear character in a fic,

you are being written by me. So three sex scenes in a fic is a little much to expect. Three sex scenes in the span of what would be 6 hours chronologically is practically impossible. Also, you're supposed to be declaring your if-not-undying-then-at-least-passing-faithful love for a character who is not the other character in scene 2 out of 3.

I sense rewriting. Much rewriting.

(Or, I will finish Swings and Roundabouts if it kills me.)
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The Fucking Weather: This morning was absolutely miserable! Nothing wakes ya' up quite like windy wet snowflakes directly in yer eyeballs, I tell you. :V I didn't even realize how bad it was snowing until I stepped out of the house... Ugh, I am not looking forward to more of this nonsense. Snow shouldn't be wet; it's just wrong, man. Anyway -

Night driving attempt: Successful!

I did not die, I did not crash into anything, yadda yadda. The last time that I did any driving in the dark, there was snow on the ground, so... all things considered, I did pretty well.

Been a bundle of nerves all day at the very thought of practising, because I haven't been doing it much (honestly, I was so anxious, I kind of felt sick) but I really need to get better at all this, so....

One thing is for sure - holy shit, when it's dark and there's no snow, visibility is garbage. I should have considered that, but I hadn't. Man, it's so much easier to see everything when there's snow on the ground. Not sure if it's a good trade-off for how slippery everything gets, though. ;p

Guess I'll have to practice a little bit more and then try... driving on major roads... in the dark. [/puts face in hands] AUGHHHH.

Music: To reward myself for giving anxiety a kick in the ass, I treated myself to this recently-released EP by Riit. Give her music a listen if you like pretty vocals in Inuktitut backed with throat singing, or if you're a fan of The Jerry Cans - one of the tracks ("Kina") is a Riit + Jerry Cans collaboration, and it's excellent. And ahh there is a translation of that song in the lyric video over on youtube, which is great. I always appreciate it when translations are available somewhere. (It's not like I can throw Inuktitut lyrics into googletranslate, after all...)
Oct. 16th, 2017 08:52 pm

Miscellaneous such-and-such

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☆ RL: Grumble mutter municipal election mumblemumble stood in line for an hour BLARGH. Oh well, at least that's over with. I really should have gone with my instincts and voted in advance, I mean, really - ah, well.

☆ More RL: Augh it's getting so dark so early and it's starting to drive me batty already, this bites. But at least it hasn't snowed again. And the moon was so pretty this morning...

☆ Random music rec: Into the Trees by Zoe Keating. 's another good one for those who like cello music. Favourite track on this is, hmm... Probably "Hello Night", or "The Path", or... it's hard to pick one, honestly. They're all lovely. Anyway, yes, give this one a listen if you love beautiful string instrumentals, and cello in particular.

☆ Signups for [community profile] mini_wrimo are open! It's a bite-sized version of NaNo - the goal is to write something every day; the amount you do is up to you. I don't think I'll be doing this, because I can't manage it every day (though I'm going to try anyway) but I figured that perhaps some of you would be interested in it.

☆ Speaking of NaNo... hooo boy, I'm not sure what I'm even going to do. I kind of want to try to write 20k, but who knows? 5k is probably more realistic. WE WILL SEE. (Come to think of it, I... should check to see if there will be write-ins in my town again. At a time that I can attend, that is. Hmm.)

Tistow: Ahhh so, Elli's started posting it! Finally! Yay! First page* is the only one up for now, but she'll be posting one every two days until the 31st. Fooor those who don't know, Tistow is a comic inspired by Victorian England, with a focus on the working class. Identity will also be a major theme. And there'll be a dollop of magic as well, a bit later on. So, if that sounds interesting, perhaps check on the 31st when the first 8 pages will all be up - or read along as they get posted. <3 (Also, have I mentioned that Elli's art is gorgeous? Because it sure is gorgeous. Hooo boy. If you like pretty webcomics, well, here's one.)
Oct. 15th, 2017 12:24 pm

House for Sale

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Snagged from fb:

not haunted house for sale

Now why would they post a disclaimer, hmmmm?
Oct. 14th, 2017 06:45 pm

Blade Runner 2049

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From before Blade Runner 2049

Murder on the Orient Express looks dreadful. Why make a film of a book if you're going to change it that much? (in keeping with the main topic, Blade Runner had the decency not to call itself “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”.)

The Snowman appears to be this year's entry in the Scandi-noir feature no/few Scandinavians genre.

Given the multiple millions that went into the new Justice League trailer, the CGI is remarkably bad. And I’m still stuck with the feeling that the only character I like separately is my boy Bats.

D that saw Blade Runner 2049 with pointed out that the Thor: Ragnarok trailer was hardly any better on the CGI front, buttons least that appears to be a stylistic choice and you know, I <3 Thor and the gang.

Blade Runner 2049

A lot of the points I am going to mention cover the same ground as Selenak does here. She explains what I liked and disliked better than I can, in fewer words, so I recommend reading her take on the film, and then coming back to read this for the couple of points where we disagree, and a few more specifically-me points.

- I maintain my feeling of unease about a film about 30 years in the future of what people 40 years ago thought now would look like. Where are the films about what people now think 40 years in the future will look like?

- Denis Villeneuve is a stonkingly good director. He keeps a lot of the visual language from the original, but imbues it with his own feel which is a lot softer than Ridley Scott’s.

- The BBFC rating includes a warning for sexualised nudity. Anyone who finds any of the nudity in this film arousing has issues. I think it was very well done, and thematically works but yes, the director deliberately went for “the commodification of sex and bodies is bad” and it worked.

- The film works best when deals with the flipside of Blade Runner’s “what does it mean to be human”. 2049 asks “what does it mean to not be human?”

Everything below this is a spoiler. )

On to some more general points:

- I know why film-makers have characters use axe kicks in films. They look cool. I am willing to go with “rule of cool”, even if I don’t like axe kicks. What I don’t get is why the characters being attacked by axe kicks never use the “proper” defence against them, even if that character is supposed to have fight training. Axe kicks are so easy to defend against, why does nobody ever do it?!

- I say this about every film he’s in, but when did Dave Batista get so good? He’s a foot taller than me and about two of me in weight, and yet, when Sapper Morton put his glasses on I wanted to protect him. That’s a neat trick.

- I really like Hans Zimmer’s work. If you need a film composer who can ape someone else’s style and rework it into something new, he’s the best choice. The problem isn’t him, the problem is when the soundsystem of the cinema you are in can’t take all those tones at once, and you get massive reverb even when the soundtrack doesn’t want it. Also, I’m reasonably sure that chunks of the soundtrack could be used for soundboarding people. I know it’s deliberate but some of that really messed with my brain.


In short (too late, I know), Blade Runner 2049 is a good film. It’s not as good as Blade Runner. It may or may not be a good sequel to Blade Runner.
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Browsing through Bandcamp for new music has caused me to stumble over so much awesome stuff, so I'm going to take a moment to share some of it with you.

These bands are all Canadian (and man, I really appreciate how easy it is to search by country/region on this site). Many different genres going on here, and it's all great; this list probably has a little something for everyone. I've made sure to select albums that have all of the tracks available as previews, rather than just select tracks, so you can listen to the whole thing without purchase. Okay, here we go.

Kamancello by Kamancello. This is a cello + kamanche duo out of Toronto. I'm not all that familiar with kamanche music, but I sure do love cello, so no surprise that it'd appeal to me. This album was just released yesterday, and it's a wonderful fusion of Persian and European stylings. The end results has a certain auditory texture that I really, really like. Give it a listen if you love string instrumentals. <3

Legends Never Die by The Dreadnoughts. If you like folk music with a punk flare, or if you like punk music with fiddles in it, give this band from Vancouver a listen. "Antarctica" in particular is the song that got me hooked. Their work is a lot of fun; tons of energy. They have another album coming out in November, Foreign Skies; this one is themed around WWI, and the preview track that's up at this time ("Black and White") is great, so I'm looking forward to the rest.

As Above and So Below by Sea Witch. Doom metal is not typically my subgenre of choice, but this duo out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, is excellent. Highly evocative of storms, ghost ships, and the merciless north Atlantic; give it a listen if you want to try something dark. I wouldn't recommend trying individual tracks - these albums are the kind best taken in full from beginning to end.

Beyond the Sun by Woodhawk. This group is a hard rock band from Calgary, and there's something about their music that just feels so extremely Canadian - I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, but it has a certain quality that reminds me so much of all the Canadian hard rock bands I listened to while growing up. A very nostalgic sound, for me, even though the album is brand new, released in April of this year. The title track, "Beyond the Sun", is excellent, but I think my favourite is probably "Magnetic North".

Ulvesang, the self-titled album by Ulvesang. Their music could be described as atmospheric neoclassical-influenced pagan folk, I guess you could say. Their work reminds me a bit of Musk Ox, not necessarily in direct sound (Ulvesang doesn't incorporate cello, for one thing) but more in the general atmosphere/feeling. So, if you like Musk Ox, you might want to give this duo a try.

Mister and Mystic is the self-titled album by band Mister and Mystic, a folksy progressive alt-pop duo out of Calgary, Alberta. Beautiful vocals, easy on the ears. Their sound reminds me a bit of Over the Rhine (can't quite put my finger on it, possibly it's the vocals), which is another band that makes great music. So if you like Over the Rhine's music, you might enjoy Mister and Mystic. "Walk Me Home" is a favourite track, though I also like "Bitter" a lot.

Lost Kids by Stick and Poke. They're a witchy bluegrass duo from Vancouver, BC. I find that bluegrass is one of those genres that people tend to either really love or really hate, but even if you don't usually listen to it, maybe give these gals a try anyway - I really love their lyrics, and find that their tunes keep rolling around in my head for hours after listening. "Distance", "Teeth on a String", and "Lost at Sea" are all great songs, and "Corpse Grinding Woman" is hilarious, and - actually there's only one song on this album that I'm not jazzed about ('Youth Crew'). 11 loves out of 12 is pretty good, y'know?

Lifeblood by Phineo and Loeb. These guys are a duo from Halifax, working in a blend of electronic, hip hop, dance, and other genres. Lifeblood is a collaboration with several other artists, and the end result is pretty fun. Probably my favourite track is "Circles" - smooth and energetic at the same time. If you like both rap/hiphop and fiddles, give "Foggy Dew" a listen - the combination on that track is REALLY cool. (Then again, I do like Ashley Macisaac's work. He's the only featured artist on this album that I'm familiar with.) On the more mellow side, "Made of Glass" is a chill, catchy listen.

That's about it for now. I love all of these, so I hope that you guys found something that you enjoy in this list, too. <3
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The Case For The Prosecution:

I try not to be precious about Shakespeare. Update him, reset him, add songs and dance, I'm pretty cool with it. Just don't screw up the verbiage (this obviously does not apply to wholesale-changed ones like Kiss Me Kate or the Shakespeare: ReTold Taming of the Shrew). I don't mind scenes being cut. I have long made my peace with the fact I am never going to get all of Act 3, Scene 7 in any Henry V. There are scenes I demand be in, e.g. the Jason Connery Macbeth gets less than nul points because it takes out MacDuff's "one fell swoop" speech, but I try to be cool.

But, if you're using the words, at least say them, don't just mumble along and hope someone will know what you mean. Christ, I've heard 13 year olds deal better with iambic pentameter.

Even when the actor's aren't mumbling, the sound quality in the Ethan Hawke Hamlet is pretty bad so you can't make out what's going on.

I can see the appeal of playing the play as "Hamlet, Slacker Prince", even if it goes completely against how I see the character (every generation reworks Hamlet in its own image, discuss). In the hands of a competent director it might even have been good. This film was also lacking one of them.

Bill Murray should be able to do things with Polonious given that he's got great timing, but no-one except Hamlet is given any time or room to do anything. The film is a waste of time, idea and resources.

The Scene Itself:

Why the scene is so good:

In the middle of all this terrible misuse of English, Shakespeare and the cinematic arts there are two people that get it. They are Liev Schreiber and Julia Stiles as Laertes and Ophelia. When they speak, it sounds like people, and because they're both theatre types, you can actually hear what they're saying. And oh how much Laertes loves his sister, and this is only going to end badly.

This is one of those versions of Hamlet where I am team Laertes.
Oct. 13th, 2017 09:44 pm

Just grumping, pardon meeee....

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Ugh. I had so many plans to do so many things this evening, and I didn't do any of them. And now I feel like a time-wasting lump. Hate this feeling.

I... took the dog for a walk, and got the mail, and fucked around on Duolingo a bit. And then wasted time on the internet. And that's about it.

I haven't done any writing all week or anything like that, even though I have so many exchange treats that I want to write. (Upside, my assignment for Trick or Treat is done, so I don't need to worry about that. But.) And I should have gone for a walk tonight, but I didn't. And I should have done some inktober, but I didn't.


Okay. Let's turn this around.

I probably needed a rest day (re: exercise) because my knees get all fucked up if I do it too many days in a row without breaks. Plus, I had work today, which meant a non-zero amount of walking + fresh air (40 minutes total) because walking to the bus is a thing. So, it's not like there was nothing.

Sometimes a break from writing is necessary! It helps refresh the brain! And I'm ahead of my wordcount goal, anyway. Furthermore, I don't NEED to write treats for every person requesting canons that I can write for. It would be nice, and I want to, but no, I am not obligated to write 13 fics at minimum 300 wordcount. That is crazypants. (One 3.9k-word story would be easier than 13 300-word stories, considering it's just one narrative...)

Aaand I did an extra inktober doodle yesterday, which means that I was ahead and could have skipped today anyway. And even if I do skip a couple of days, it isn't that hard to catch up, since I'm just doing ballpoint pen scribbles.

Like, I can understand why I'd be disappointed about not having the energy to do much - but there's no point in fussing over it.
Oct. 11th, 2017 06:37 pm


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☆ [Life] UGH, IT'S SNOWING. It's snowed every day for the last three days or so. This is terrible. Damnit, Marzanna, couldn't you put off murdering your husband for a couple more weeks? (He had it coming, though.)

☆ [YiH] So, the Year in Hereafter giveaway is happening. Details here, basically the same as all my other giveaways: contact me privately, I'll add you to my spreadsheet, winner will be drawn in two weeks (Oct 26). ...I wonder if I should drop this in the Discord or something, that platform has a PM system, doesn't it? (Will have to see about this)

☆ [SSSS] Hey look, my mate Scout drew some new art of Lalli, and it's gorgeous, as usual. (Worth a look even if you don't follow the series, I'd say; it's really pretty.)

☆ [Books] No ~Reading Wednesday~ this week, since I'm still on It, but I should have that done by the end of the week. It's good! I like it! Yay, Stephen King. Yay, horror. <3 Hmm, now, looking through my reading goals, I've met everything except... "Read 10 books that you already own". Oh. WELL. (Nearly done, I just need to finish four, but pfff). WELL. Uh. I... guess I should tackle some of those that I bought on vacation, shouldn't I... (But library books are so SHINY. Well, I can do both.)

☆ [Movies] 'tis the season for horror. Forgot to mention - at the beginning of October, I watched Ravenous, and that was quite a good one. Creepy, fun, pretty gorey, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Very recommended if you like wendigos and "group of people trapped in a remote area; something horrible happens" narratives! ...Avoid it if you're squicked by cannibalism, though.
Oct. 10th, 2017 07:28 pm

Writing Woes 101

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writing 101 -- your story

This is so me. Gah.
Oct. 9th, 2017 02:56 pm

(no subject)

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On a whim, I started watching "The Good Place" and I'm enjoying it more than I thought possible. Based on the initial description I heard, I thought it would be kind of twee and possibly sanctimonious but it's actually rather wonderful. ♥ ♥ ♥ CHIDI ♥ ♥ ♥ Precious nerd. I wish he were my soulmate.


I went for a bra fitting yesterday - my first. (No, my mother never took me for one. She just guessed my size and bought me a bunch of bras.) My mind is officially blown. I have been wearing the wrong size my whole life, and I can't help but wonder how I'd have felt if I'd been wearing the right size. More supported, I guess. Oh, well. I'm still getting used to this new fit, but I like the way I look in the mirror, so.
Oct. 9th, 2017 10:42 am

Russian Bird Question

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Friends, Romans, people who know about Russian wildlife - for a bit in a story I require a Russian bird. I would prefer if it were something small and fluttery. Any ideas? The web has not been useful.


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Idle Leaves